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  • 中文

    Company Introduction

    Jiangsu Cenmen Equipment Corp., Ltd. is a manufacturer of special equipment with polymer as the main processing object. It is a large-scale extruder production base with independent R & D, design and manufacturing capacity in China. The core extruder equipment includes parallel twin screw compounding extruder, reciprocating compounding kneader, double rotor compounding extruder, SCP high viscosity self cleaning reactor and large capacity devolatilizer, etc. At the same time, based on the above main extruder, the design and manufacture of a complete set of compounding pelletizing production line equipment and compounding extrusion forming production line equipment can be realized. It is mainly used in the fields of engineering plastics, modified plastics, wire and cable materials, rubber, packaging, building medical chemical industry, chemical fiber textile, household appliance and other industries (see the application case for details).

    The existing factory area of the company is 46500 m2 (of which the parent company is 38000m2, and the subsidiary (Nanjing Cenmen) is 8500m2), The core parts and system of the extruder are designed and manufactured by the company, such as barrel, screw, gear box, etc. The company has advanced NC machining center, NC screw grinder, CNC machine tool and other machining equipment. Equipped with Swiss imported three-coordinate detector and Japanese imported spectral detector and other advanced inspection and testing equipment. There are complete quality control means and system from processing to testing, which fully ensure the stability and reliability of product quality.

    The company, together with Nanjing University of Technology and other universities, has set up an industry-university-research base and hired a number of senior material industry experts as technical support. The company has established comprehensive central laboratory, and has a variety of imported materials testing and analysis instruments, which can meet the requirements for material experiment and testing from all kinds of customers.

    The company has been awarded honorary certification of high-tech enterprises for three consecutive sessions (year 2011-2019). The company has now obtained more than 10 patents for inventions and more than 20 patents for utility models.

    The company’s products have been exported to more than 40 countries, such as Germany, Russia, Belarus, Japan, South Korea, Israel, Ukraine, Macedonia, Iran, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, India, Mexico, South Africa and etc.


    founding time

    more than198

    Existing staff


    Technical personnel


    Total factory area


    Patented invention

    more than40countries

    Exported to countries

    Process Capacity

    Quality Control

    High precision product quality testing center

    ERP management system integrating warehouse, finance and assembly

    Qualification Honor

    Certificate of recognition of High-tech products in 2010
    Science and Technology small and medium-sized Enterprises in Jiangsu Province in 2013
    Certificate of recognition of High-tech products in 2013
    Nanjing famous trademark
    Certificate of recognition of High-tech products in 2016
    Top 10 plastic extrusion forming machines in China
    Nanjing Engineering Technology Research Center
    Nanjing famous Brand Product Certificate
    Jiangsu Province Enterprise Credit Management Standard implementation Certificate
    ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification
    ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification

    Assembly Platform

    Copyright Jiangsu Cenmen Equipment Corp., Ltd@ 2018 China All Rights Reserved

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