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    Home Page > classic case > Granulation case > SCP Series Polymerization/Reactive Viscosify/Devolatilization/Extrusion pelletizing unit

    SCP Series Polymerization/Reactive Viscosify/Devolatilization/Extrusion pelletizing unit

    Device Pictures
    Case description

    SCP(Self-Clean Processor)new self-cleaning and devolatilier series, It integrates many advantages, such as self-cleaning and interface renewal ability of twin-screw extruder, large heat transfer area of thin film evaporator and large working volume of reactor. It is an ideal process equipment to realize the reaction polymerization, large capacity devolatilization, heat and mass transfer, distributed mixing, evaporation concentration, phase change crystallization, dissolution and swelling of all kinds of polymers (or other high viscosity material systems).

    Typical cases: trans-amyl rubber, hydrogenated butadiene rubber, biodegradable polyester polymerization devolatilization, waste recovery polyester alcoholysis polymerization granulation, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene dissolution swelling.

    The advantage and characteristic for SCP series high-viscosity self-cleaning reactor and large-capacity devolatilizer:

     ◆Across the short board of the twin-screw reactive extruder, SCP can significantly increase the working volume (up to more than 10m3) and the residence time of the material (up to several hours). 

    ◆The specially designed differential meshing rotor can achieve good self-cleaning effect, and has better distributed mixing ability and interface renewal effect. Prevent dead zone and accumulation of scaling of materials, improve heat transfer, mass transfer and reaction process efficiency;

    ◆The main engine shell and rotor core can be heated and cooled, and the heat transfer area is larger. 

    ◆Larger free cross-sectional area and gas phase space. The energy efficiency and stability of the large-capacity devolatilization operation are better.

    ◆The complex process with the change of phase state of material system can be realized. 

    ◆The rotor is not in direct contact with the shell, the wear of the equipment can be significantly reduced. 

    ◆The rotor can be designed by building block principle, and the related structure can be adjusted flexibly to meet the characteristics and needs of material process. 

    ◆The lower shear rate and the soft kneading process significantly reduce the damage to the properties of sensitive materials, and at the same time, it is easy to achieve more accurate material temperature control.  

    Rotor nominal dianmeter(mm)Free volume(L)Work volume(L)Heat exchange surface area(m2)Drive power(kw)

    Viscosity range of suitable materials50~20000(Pa.s)
    Work temperature rangeRoom temperature~350(℃)
    Residence time range0.1~5(h)
    Heat exchange area range0.3~50(m2)
    Work volume range5.5/3-6000/4000(L)
    Operation specific energy range0.03~0.25(kwh/kg)

     Case description

    No.Equipment production lineEquipment ModelProduct field
    1Polymerization/Reactive Viscosify/Devolatilization/Extrusion pelletizing
    SCP series/twin screw extruder unitBiodegradable Polyester like PPAT, PPC etc materials
    2Trans special rubber reaction / polymerization / devolatilization / extrusion pelletizingSCP series/twin screw extruder unitRubber material industry
    3Hydrogenated special rubber devolatilization extrusionSCP series/twin screw extruder unitHigh viscosity colloid industry
    4Biodegradation polyester polymerization/devolatilization / extrusion pelletizingSCP series/twin screw extruder unitBiodegradable resin industry
    5Alcoholysis of waste recycled polyester / polymerization / extrusion pelletizingSCP series/twin screw extruder unitTPE polyester industry
    6UHMWPE dissolution and swelling extrusionSCP series/twin screw extruder unitTextile industry

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