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    Recruitment:不限 Educational requirements: Salary: Hands-on background:

    Job responsibilities:

    1、Responsible for formulating and revising the quota of working hours.

    2、It provides technical support for the whole process of production and processing, and puts forward some measures to solve the technical problems related to the process in the process of machining, production and assembly.

    3、Responsible for the process review of product design drawings.

    4、Review and supervise the rationality of processing and manufacturing capacity, technical measures and related quotation of relevant parts and components of the external co-supplier.

    5、Undertake the drafting, revision and archiving of process and technology management system and related operation instructions, organize process and technical training for relevant personnel, supervise and implement process       discipline.

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    Job requirements:

    1、Bachelor degree or above, majored in mechanical design and manufacturing, at least 5 years related working experience.

    2、Familiar with machining equipment, processing process and mechanical product structure design.

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